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Hi if you look at the fill in a DHL commercial invoice template all you have to do is come right to this webpage and select whether or not you want to fill in this invoice in Microsoft Excel Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF now for DHL commercial invoices the most popular is the Adobe PDF so we're gonna click on that and it will open up or it should open up and you can download this right to your computer and the best thing about this invoice is that after you scroll down to page 3 it is in a fillable format I'm sorry page 4 on page 3 is the sample on how you're supposed to fill it out and so all you have to do is just click in wherever there's a blank so shipper name and contact name we'll just say Johnny Appleseed address 1 2 3 Appleseed Way postal code so as you can see it's just very easy all you have to do is just keep going through fill it in and voice date invoice number terms of the trade and then all the way down then you're gonna have to enter your signature here and then you have successfully filled it out now when you print this you just need this page for that you fill in here all this before is just to show you how to fill it in and along with the instructions so that's it that's a good fill in a DHL Express commercial invoice